Heidi Carroll

Heidi Carroll was born in Saskatchewan, grew up in Northern BC, then made her way to Alberta where she took a year of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary, and completed the Design and Illustration program at MacEwan in Edmonton, graduating in 2005. Since her time at school, she spent some years exploring abstract painting, and has come full circle, back to her first love of portraiture. The effort to capture a likeness and personality, accurately describe form, and still retain a stroke that is alive and interesting is something she seeks to achieve in her work. She finds charcoal a compatible medium, as it is tactile and can be easily manipulated with her fingertips. Heidi has also discovered a compatibility with the equally tactile medium of soft pastel, and is exploring landscapes as her primary subject matter for this beautifully expressive medium. Heidi currently resides in the heart of Edmonton, in the neighbourhood of Strathcona, with her husband, three kids, and their dog.

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