Heather Morren

The Handmade Yogi

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Artist’s Bio

The Handmade Yogi is a local Edmonton artist. Art Walk is her first foray into the public art scene. She works mostly in acrylic paint but also dabbles in decorative wood burning and in functional knitted products. She draws inspiration from many topics including animals, the human body, and the beauty of nature.

Artist’s Statement

My work reflects the natural beauty of the world. I draw my inspiration from the unfathomable colour combinations of a sunset. I find elegance in the curves of the human body. I recognize the extensive variety of animal scales, plumage and fur so uniquely developed.

Often when creating my art, a piece leads me to a place that I had not originally intended. I find myself changing the colour scheme to better suit my mood or obsessively painting and repainting specific themes, developing my vision and technique as I go. As my interests change, some pieces get abandoned to make way for new ideas while others simply take a break until inspiration surfaces again. It is a continually changing process.

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