Hayley Andruko

Elementary school teacher by day, painter/chocoholic/netflix-addict by night, Hayley is an Edmonton-based artist with a particular love of acrylics. She has lived in Calgary and London, UK, and has explored a variety of art exhibitions across North America and Europe. Her own paintings strongly reflect the natural features of both Alberta and places she's travelled, along with a playful relationship of shape and colour inspired by her student's enthusiasm and the beauty of human compassion. Apart from her studio (bedroom), Hayley's work can be found in the homes of family and friends, as well as corporate offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and she has been commissioned to create a selection of personal wedding invitations, cards, and tattoo designs.

Check out her website at handruko.moonfuit.com, and find her at the Whyte Ave Art Walk at 107th Street, in front of the Wild Prairie Soap Co.

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