Haley Pukanski

Whyte Light Photography Exhibit artist Haley Pukanski presents us with a series of photographs blended with illustrations from a sponsored collaboration with LCQ. The series, Cropped, gives us a taste into a persons struggles without showing the whole picture, literally. Thus, creating a more personal level with the subject, while reminding us of the ambiguity that mental health stigmas have behind them.

Haley Pukanski is a multidisciplinary artist from Edmonton. Her mediums primarily focus on photography, installations, performances and graphic design. Haley often portrays her experiences as a queer women through her artwork, primarily in her art collective Papsmear. After dropping out of Grant Macewan design school in 2015, Haley has expanded her creations to be made with post-consumer materials, and eco friendly options. She continues to change and try new ways of creating, living and being through her artwork. This year, Haley has worked for Not Enough Festival, Double Lunch, NextFest, Electric Eye, and many more events, festivals, and shows. You can see more work at pukanskih.tumblr.com. 

LCQ is a clothing and art company/collective created by Cole Panchyshyn in 2012. LCQ artwork is illustration heavy, and full of life, focusing on the highs and lows of living in the city as a fresh adult. In Cropped, Cole uses thick line work, and spooky, human-like forms. This is the true LCQ that lives on through years of Strathcona street art and parties curated by LCQ. You can see more at http://www.lcqclothingandcollective.com/ 

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