Ha Ai Tran

This is my second time at the Artwalk. My tent this year is located at 8209 104 street ( Bursters Pizza ).

My love for art stemmed from the past few years celebrating a new life here in Canada from having moving from Vietnam 5 years ago. I have found myself opening up to new visual experiences here and find the juxtaposition of the two different countries a fascinating place to be when exploring through paint.

Most of my work in inspired by the scenery in Canada with ideas stemming from my home country, colours, textures and ideas. I found the seasonal changes in Canada very fascinating and wanted to find a way to capture the beauty of this through painting.

I have always been creative and artistic and painted for many years before coming here, but it was only during winter  that I found a true flow in my work. I found myself contemplating on the seasons and wanted to create colour and beauty through my paintings. I love to work with all mediums and have worked in water colour and oil, however I find my self currently drawn to working in Acrylic and oil. My works are all based on the changeability of nature, trees, flowers, landscape and seasons. I love exploring paint textures, using bold colour, and finding the beauty in my surroundings, discover new ways of understanding nature.

For me art is a necessity, I need to paint. Painting is also something which allows me to discover more about my environment and about myself. I hope you can find something in my art which allows that for you too.

Instagram: @ha_ai_art

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