Ha Ai Tran

This is my second time at the Artwalk. My tent this year is located 105 street (next to Chapters).

My love for art stemmed from the past few years celebrating a new life here in Canada from having moving from Vietnam 5 years ago. I have found myself opening up to new visual experiences here and find the juxtaposition of the two different countries a fascinating place to be when exploring through paint.

Most of my work in inspired by the scenery in Canada with ideas stemming from my home country, colours, textures and ideas. I found the seasonal changes in Canada very fascinating and wanted to find a way to capture the beauty of this through painting.

I have always been creative and artistic and painted for many years before coming here, but it was only during winter  that I found a true flow in my work. I found myself contemplating on the seasons and wanted to create colour and beauty through my paintings. I love to work with all mediums and have worked in water colour and oil, however I find my self currently drawn to working in Acrylic and oil. My works are all based on the changeability of nature, trees, flowers, landscape and seasons. I love exploring paint textures, using bold colour, and finding the beauty in my surroundings, discover new ways of understanding nature.

For me art is a necessity, I need to paint. Painting is also something which allows me to discover more about my environment and about myself. I hope you can find something in my art which allows that for you too.

Instagram: @ha_ai_art

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