Greg Altrogge

Hi! My name is Greg, and I have been creating art for about 6 years now. I use stencils in conjunction with spray paint to create a very fun and vibrant style. Currently I am looking to grow my expertise with free hand spray paint, and create some art for my friends and family along the way. I love to do portraits, as well as fun characters and images from my childhood. 

What started as a fun side project with a friend became my creative outlet and passion, and something I would like to share with others. This will be my first time participating in the art walk, and am very excited to be a part of the action! I will be in the O block, in front of the Chevrolet dealership on the south side of the avenue. Look for the rust bucket of a GMC behind me and you'll know you're there! 

Thank you so much for looking, and hope to see you in July!

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