Giselle Denis

Giselle is the performance painter at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton and the Raffles Hotel in Dubai. She has been part of the art scene for more than 20 years. She paints nature in bright, bold, acrylic colours, with a warmth and joy that uplifts the spirits. Giselle’s message is always about hope. She connects to people in a unique way through her live painting experience. Giselle has a goal to raise $1million for charity and she has raised nearly half a million already. One of her paintings sold for $50,000 at a live auction for charity. Giselle has collaborated with Edmonton based, Jacek Chocolate, where she hand painted over 2000 chocolates for their Mother’s Day collection. Poppy Barley Shoes did their spring collection photo shoot in her studio & they showcased her work in their store for their spring launch in 2018. She has a larger than life colourful floral forest on the west facing wall of the old Reuse Centre in the Ice District in Edmonton. You maybe have also seen her paint her flowers on a Lexus luxury car for the Vignettes design series, seen a collection of her work at the Wildflower Grill in Edmonton, or her one-of-a-kind piano she painted as an art installation for the YESS organization’s Urban roots garden. Giselle is active in her community and around the world with her message of hope through her paintings. To see her full portfolio of work, you may book a visit to her studio, or stop by her website at, GiselleDenisFineArt (Facebook) @giselledenis (Twitter) @giselledenisfineart (Instagram)

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