Ghazal H Salem

Ghazal H Salem (ghazalarto)

Dr. Ghazal H Salem is an artist and a PhD engineer. She grew up in Iran, living through the Iran Iraq war, immigrating to Canada 10 years ago and becoming a Canadian citizen just last year. She works as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Research Council of Canada experimenting with quantum photonics. She is also a multimedia painter and has taken a sabbatical for the past year so she can focus on her art.

Ghazal started painting from childhood alongside her mother, Oria Shohadaie, who is a well-known artist in the Middle East and gallery owner in Iran.

Ghazal is a story-teller painter. Her paintings originate from her life experiences as an Iranian-Canadian woman and her love of nature and science. As a woman growing up in Iran, she was immersed in Middle Eastern culture both ancient and modern and was greatly influenced by the political, social and cultural complications of the region. Living and working in Canada, immersed in multiculturalism and Canada’s immense and beautiful natural landscape has added new aspects to Ghazal’s vision as a modern female artist.

Ghazal is fascinated by scientific concepts such as time, dimension, and the micro and macro universe and she is always looking for new ways to play with these concepts in her art. One of Ghazal’s artistic goals is to present different aspects of modern womanhood. She believes that art can provide a powerful connection between people from all around the world. Using art, she believes that the cultural norms of womanhood and nationalism can be transcended allowing for a deeper and more realistic understanding of gender and commonalities, regardless nationality.

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