Farrm Rescue

Find F.A.R.R.M. (Farm Animal Rescue & Rehoming Movement) at Mcintyre Park

We believe that art can save the world. So we put it into action.

Zero design experience and the lack of opposable thumbs hasn’t stopped Titan and Ellie’s fine art initiative from raising over $40,000.00 to help animals (and humans) in need. We are the PawCasso Art Program, an initiative of ‘Titan and Ellie to the Rescue’ (a non-profit/charitable organization). On July 6, 7, 8 the PawCasso Art Program will be bringing F.A.R.R.M animal art to Whyte Ave!

Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (F.A.R.R.M), is an animal sanctuary near Wetaskiwin with facilities for surrendered and abused farm animals. F.A.R.R.M offers care and space for the sick and injured as well as an adoptions centre open for people to visit who may be interested in providing a compassionate home for animals with a less than honourable history. F.A.R.R.M lives according to the values affirmed in a vegan lifestyle.

Visit us to purchase art created by celebrities such as Miracle Millie the locally famous goat who has a fan base of over 20,000, Magical Merlin the blind lamb who has graced the pages of Dodo, or Little Lucy one of the fastest painters in the world.

Keep reading to learn more about the initiative:

Titan and Ellie are two rescue dogs that were products of the canine overpopulation crisis. They were neglected, near death, and in dire need of help. They found rescue, were slowly rehabilitated, and became the only artists of their kind to ensure 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their art pieces is donated right back to those who need it the most.

Creating art unlike any other in Canada, we’ve expanded our works to include artistic input from rescued chickens, goats, dogs, horses, sheep, reptiles, cats, pigs, and various other animals. They create meaningful, metaphoric, and truly expressive art using paws, ear prints, hooves, feet, and tails. The artistic process always ensures that the animals' safety and comfort is the top priority and it isn’t uncommon for our fine artists to fall asleep while working. Recently, we have also expanded to include collaboration with established local artists.

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