Faron Reynolds

Bio :

Faron Reynolds is a local artist living in Sherwood park artist who takes interest and pleasure in creating abstract and contemporary designs. She enjoys mixed media art but generally uses acrylic to bring her paintings to life with her techniques of layering her signature colours. She enjoys using dark and pigmented colours in her pieces, and names all of the themes she’s working on such as her Raspberry theme which will be shown in the 2019 Art walk on whyte.


My current style explores the similarities and avid differences between contemporary and abstract painting, as well as how experimenting with mixed media’s can affect both. I tend not to plan what I’m about to paint as I enjoy letting the moment take hold of the brush for me. Working on multiple projects at the same time works best for me, because one often gives me inspiration for the others. My environment and current emotional situation heavily affects my line work, the depths of the piece, and the amount of colour I choose to use.

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