Emily Wright

As someone who dabbles in both art and design and has gone to school for both I find myself using a variety of mediums. But I think what unites my artwork together is the thought process I’m going through at the time. I try to fit things together that are alike in a way so work I did ten years ago will not be showcased because it doesn’t match. You will see this in the colours I choose; I stick to an entirely cool palette because I find those colours to be representative of tranquility and peace and that’s how I want people to feel when they’re looking at my art. Lately I’ve been playing around with nature themes and the whole idea of renewal. I like to evoke beauty and I don’t shy away from anything “feminine.” Using the concepts of Gestalt are also important to me, I think it’s kind of like enlightenment that once you see things with Gestalt, you can’t unsee them so composition is important to me. Art to me is life, it’s sanity, it’s reaching into the back of your subconscious to communicate something that you can’t say with words and when I paint I feel grounded and connected. I think it’s a fantastic thing to do, to paint, to bring beauty into the world when there is so much that is ugly.

ModPaws (Instagram) Emily Wright Illustrator or @ModPaws (Facebook) or just google @modpaws and you’ll find me!

Find Emily in front of the Commercial Hotel at 10329 82 Ave.

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