Ellie Lagrandeur

I like to use the artistic license whenever I can. Often I can visualize a different element to add to the painting, visible only in my mind's eye. Once I get an idea for a painting, I can't get it out of mind until it's on the canvas, like there's a lesson in it for me. When asked how do I know when a painting is finished, it's difficult to say. On occasion I have gone back to a piece to add something or change the mood completely. When paining scenery, I play-up the lighting and perspective; to me it's all about the mood. I love to paint wildlife; they seem to take on a personality, making it familiar to me, like I've known them. It's interesting when there is a connection made between the art and the viewer. In a sense you related to the artist themselves. Nor surprising; as I know there is much emotion and personal experience that goes into a painting. To request a commissioned painting or for more info visit elliefinearts.com and like Ellie Fine Arts on Facebook. Ellie Lagrandeur 705-562-5611

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