Edmonton Dream Centre

The Edmonton Dream Centre began in 1998, delivering a much needed long-term program in the inner city of Edmonton. The downtown location made it difficult for residents to separate from their struggles with drugs, alcohol, prostitution and trafficking. In 2005, the Dream Centre moved to an apartment complex away from the inner city, which had a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of our program and we have now served over 500 women. 

We look forward to increasing our ability to reach more women and children who are affected by the disease of addiction.  Our goal is to build a new facility where we can provide for up to 60 women and 24 children, empowering us to serve almost four times our current capacity. Here at the Dream Centre, we provide opportunity for women and their children to inspire hope and empower real change.

We are unique in that we provide the opportunity for children to reside with their mothers while in treatment and offer supportive care to keep families together. The programming here at the Edmonton Dream Centre is holistic and in-depth. Art Therapy is part of the Edmonton Dream Centre's regular programming to help in processing and representing emotion.

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