Daniela Bahry

I am an Edmonton born Artist. I realized early on in my life that I loved to draw, skate and dance and took every possible Art Class throughout Jr. and Sr. High School, al the while figure skating and dancing. After High School I went into the Design Arts Program at Grant MacEwan College and graduated, majoring in Display. I continued on coaching figure skating and dancing, which I still do. Once I started a family, my creative outlet was channelled into dress designing and choreography in the skating and dancing world. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that my now grown daughter took me out to a paint night and my passion for the fine art of painting was rekindled. I started to “practice” and posted my work. To my surprise, my Facebook friends loved my work and my pieces sold one after another. This continued with commission requests and my clientelle expanded and still is getting bigger all because of social media.

I believe and feel that as an artist, I create from inspiration and love of what is around me. I am still forever playing with methods, ideas and my head is filled with so many projects I want to do. Some of my inspiration comes from photographs, nature, and what I love and enjoy around me. I hope my pieces that I create connect with people a sense of serenity, love and sometimes a story that is connected to the painting.

You can find me on;

FACEBOOK @danisoriginalart62

Instagram @danielabahryart or danielabahry

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