Daniela Bahry

I started painting when I was in grade 7 and continued to take as many art classes as possible in high school. After high school, I was accepted into the Design Arts Program at Grant MacEwan College and graduated 1983. I worked in various mediums including display for merchandizing stores. Once I started a family, my attention was directed otherwise. Then after 30 years of not painting, my daughter invited me to a paint night exactly 2 years ago. Picking up the paint brush was like I had never stopped painting and the passion was back. Now that I have raised my children, I had time to get creative and play with different styles and techniques. I started “practicing” how to use a brush, mixing colours, applying paint in various ways with different subject matters. I posted my progress on Facebook and to my surprise, people loved my work and bought it. I also had several commission requests and continue to take those requests. I believe as an artist, we create out of love and bring expression into our space in various forms. I am still forever playing with methods, ideas, and my head is filled with so many projects I want to do. At the moment my medium is acrylic. I have painted my friends pets, which is a popular request, as well as flowers such as daisies, poppies, and field flowers. I love to paint the beauty of nature. You can find me on Facebook at @danisoriginalart62 or on Instagram at @danielabahryart

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