Dallas LaRose

Hey Cool Cats! I am so ecstatic to be apart if this year's Art Walk on Whyte! I am brand new to the scene, as I recently took the plunge to create art full time this past November and man I am so glad I did! A little bit about myself, I am located in Leduc where I live with my incredibly supportive husband along with our four children and two dogs. We love having a big family! I am a self taught artist and have really embraced this journey of discovery , not only with my art but with myself. Sketching with charcoal and graphite has alway came naturally to me and I have been the most comfortable with this method. However I am currently trying to challenge and stretch myself with paints and taking more of an abstract or impressionist approach. I have become very attached to painting with palette knives as I find the process so much fun. Majority of my pieces have been inspired by Alberta and all it's treasures. This year I will be located on 83rd Ave during the Art Walk , and I still can't tell you enough how excited I am to be there! Come by and say hi, I am looking forward to meeting you all:) Cheers! Dallas LaRose

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