Corissa O'Donnell

Ink and coffee stain drawings of nude women mounted onto collaged backgrounds and in vintage frames. Referencing early 1900's-1980's erotic photography of women dramatically posed with props, jewels, animals and objects. With a touch of humour and sarcasm this work evokes questions about sexuality, body image, feminine ideals, feminism, and objectification of women. These non-ideal body types of the past seem more relateable to a female who admires the female nude. The women who collect this work do so with a sense of power and confidence. In recycling these images, and materials from the past, gives us a history of how the nude in art and culture has changed, and how the stereotyping of women continues. Depicting the nude as I am may revoke anger in some. It plays on the dualities of art vs. craft, passivity vs. aggression, societal norms vs. taboo and nude vs. pornography. For me nudity resembles a freedom and vulnerability, and I hope these subjects capture the emotion, and moment of time that I was inspired by. Come by and tell me what you think in front of The Black Dog at 10425 82 ave.

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