Connie Westgate

Connie Westgate -Bio

I am a local artist and have been living and creating in Edmonton since 1994. I technically have been drawing since age three and painting since I was eight. I have a real affinity for art the pursuit of creativity. Its no surprise that I chose tattooing as my means of making a living. I own my own Tattoo shop, Heart & Dagger Tattoo ( est 2016) and I have been happily tattooing here in Edmonton since 2009.

Outside of the custom tattoo art I do my clients on regular basis I enjoy doing dry medium pieces in prisma colour pencils, charcoal, and have recently branched out into mixed media acrylics incorporating old tattoo ink, found objects, old paper, all integrated into thought provoking pieces. My main subject matter for years have been people, and portriats, old school pin ups. In addition to these old stand bys, I have found that over the last 5 years I have added in studies of Victorian objects, jewelry, and animals ( dogs, cats, birds, owls, etc), and some fantasy and gothic elements as well . I have recently started to dabbling in upcycling figurine making, ( its too fun!). I guess you could say I am a very eclectic artist. As long as I can stay creative and I enjoy the process- I am doing it. 😊

I am an Art Walk OG from the 1990s, and always had such a great time I am looking forward to another fun filled weekend meeting you all !!! Feel free to stop by my location at S & M High Fidelity ! ( located 101 and whyte) .

Find Connie in front of S&M High Fidelity at 10039 82 Ave

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