Clara Davoine

All my life, since I can remember, the one thing l loved more than anything was drawing and painting. I've always had an artistic temper, forget math and all that! When I turned thirteen my mother got me my first watercolour set. First I only drew cats, gardens and living rooms, but there was always something missing... With watercolours I started to add a little ‘‘spice’’ to my drawings and voila problem solved. Soon I became experienced enough to sell my work, my first market was a success. Ever since, the majority of my work has been pen and watercolour. I've been a professional watercolour artist for four years, working and selling in small businesses. My work is dainty and whimsy, often in the forms of gardens, cats and flowers! 

Come see me at the 2016 Art Walk for some real watercolour fun! My work also includes original pen n' ink cards, jewelry and mix media. 

I am located in front of Almanac on Whyte Avenue.

Je vous remercie,

Clara Davoine







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