Cilicia Maskell


Cilicia Maskell is a multimedia artist and professional model born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, she gravitates towards acrylic paints and has recently found the wonders of a 3D art pen to add to her art for texture and depth. She was in art I.B. classes all through highschool at Victoria School of Visual and Preforming arts and sold her first piece in grade 12 and she continued to do art as a mental distraction onto her late 20 and still to this day. She loves to create art that has to do with skulls, mental health, nudity and cartoons and always shares her work on instagram @princessnefra. Shes always thinking of new, creative and alternative idea to put on canvas and never knows what she'll come up with next!


I have never thought I would be in the Artwalk as I didn't have the confidence behind my art to be a selling attraction until multiple people saw my art and requested prints of my pieces or commission me to create an original collage of their favorite cartoons. I kept hearing such good things about my art I thought it was about time to show the rest of the world and to show myself I am a great artist with lots of creativity. I beileve doing art is the ultimate distraction from the strains in life as well as painting how your mind feels, it's a great escape from the world. I fell in love with the work of Frida Kahlo when I was shown the movie 'Frida' in highschool art class, since then I have studied her art and love the hidden meanings of sadness and depression among the beauty in life. Her art, for me, shows that even though the outside looks beautiful that everyone has a hidden struggle that can only be translated in an art form. It literally says a million things without saying a word, and thats what I try to put onto my art.

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