Chris Jugo

Find me at Mcintyre Park by the Library!

I am an Edmonton born artist raised on a healthy dose of comics, television and video games. I was introduced to manga and anime when I was a teenager and have been drawing in the manga style ever since. I enjoy exploring and pushing the diverse world of the manga style and applying it to original characters I design and popculture characters. At the end of the day I enjoy creating art because I love it and hope to deliver that love and joy to those who need love and joy the most through art. I have had the opportunity to exhibit my work at a number of Comic Conventions, Whyte Avenue Artwalk and the Artisan Nook at the Paintspot. I also love to share my craft and the world of manga as an instructor with the Paint Spot and Metro Continuing Education teaching how to draw manga classes. Some say I created the month of November and I strongly believe Star Wars is a documentary.

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