Cheryl Paige Bozarth

Following a brief hiatus from studio life to focus on raising her young family; artist C Paige Bozarth is presenting a series of new works juxaspositoning the natural world with the anthropocentric - aptly named " Between Nature & A Plastic Place".

Each of the vibrant, acrylic originals pays tribute to the biodiversity found in nature, and the experiences essential to life. While the subjects of the paintings may vary; the collection of abstract works, dramatic skyscapes, & impressionist landscapes, are unified by their ability to establish a sense of place & a viseral emotional experience within the viewer. Cheryl is a self taught artist, painting & illustrating professionally since 1999. She holds a degree in Conservation Biology from the U of A, and uses her artwork to educate & promote ecological understanding of both the natural & built world.

Her works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the city, & across Canada. In Edmonton she has previously accepted large, formal commissions from LUX Steakhouse & Bar, Lazia Restaurant, Spasations, Heath Lambert Insurance, Earls Tin Palace, Swedish Jewellers, Life's Magical Meanings by Wayne Lee, & Brandt Travel Guides, to name a few! She has also exhibited off & on with the Night of Artists group since 2002. This will be her first artwalk exhibit since 2010! Time flies when you have a big family! ;p

Look for her tent in Block E - along 104 st, at the North West end of McIntyre Park, just east of the Strathcona Library! Have a great ARTWALK! 

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