Cathy Bible

Cathy Bible lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. Her work has been shown in Lyrical Art Gallery, A+ Gallery, Kassa Gallery as well in VASA Gallery. As an intuitive artist, Cathy’s paintings are never pre-conceived. They come from within, where creativity, expressiveness, originality and individuality reside. Through her hands and finger, Cathy uses her intuition and imagination with an energy and enthusiasm that is expressed in mixed medium on canvas. “The intuitive mind is a gift”, according to Einstein, and “it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction” of traditional representational art. The viewer is captured in an emotional journey of peace, stability, energy and playfulness. With each glance, one experiences new insights and images emerging from the canvas. New to her repertiore is bronze abstract sculptures. From any angle, one sees that her work is charged with unique creativity.


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