Cathy Bible

The Artist

 Cathy Bible is an abstract artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.    Cathy's artistic beginnings were in oil paintings, which were mostly landscape oriented.   She also experimented with water colour painting.  Her introduction into abstract art has now allowed her to more freely express her creative passion.

Cathy paintings are never preconceived.  It is the process of using acrylics, plaster and mixed media that allows her to express her inner emotions.  She loves the freedom to create and the excitement of discovery as she manipulates the mediums.  Her art becomes a powerful visual image of her inspirations.

“I have always been an artist, I was just too much of a perfectionist.  Now I feel like a child allowed to play and experiment while having fun!  We should all be given that opportunity!”

The viewer experiences a range of emotions and reactions to Cathy’s paintings.  Each time you study  her work, different layers of meaning seem to magically appear.  Cathy’s use of materials and techniques entices you to engage with her in the journey of reflection and discovery. 

Cathy is a member of The Society of Western Canadian Alberta Society of Artists, Art Society of Strathcona, St Albert Painters Guild and a supporting member of the Alberta Society of Artist.  Contact:

Check her website at 

Cathy's Tent Location:  The bus lane between Packrat Louie's and Starbucks on Calgary Trail.  

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