Brittany Setz

I love art. I love the frustration it gives me and the patience required. I love the discouragement I have felt and the moments where I did not think I was a good enough artist. But then I have the really great moments. When I pick up a painting that has been sitting in my home for months unfinished and finally continue on it and fall in love with the finished product, or when I look at work from my past and actually realize how far I have come with my painting and drawing skills. Art is just as much fun as it is inspiration and frustration. My name is Brittany Setz and I am from Grande Prairie. I have always been artistic, mostly drawing and light painting when I was growing up. Only this last year did I get more adventurous and try new styles and put this much time into my art. I use all kinds of canvases, mediums and different art styles. I dabble in acrylic pours and also love painting images in acrylics. My ‘unique process’ mostly includes myself excitedly starting a project then leaving it untouched for months at a time until I feel I’m ready to complete it all in one session. I am very OCD so actually finishing a project is a trying task. This is my first art walk and honestly my first opportunity to show people (other than my friends and family) my paintings. I’m both extremely nervous and very excited. You’ll recognize me by my bright purple lipstick!

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