Brianne Craner

Brie Craner is an artist that lives in a small community in Parkland County about a hour west of Edmonton. She runs a successful paint night company in her area and juggles life as an artist and a mother to twin boys. As a developing artist for the past two years Brie has found a balance between control and chaos with her series 'Spirit Agate'. This series dives into the gem and mineral world with the focus primarily on geodes. Using mixed media she creates what seems to be extra-large agate slices in all their dazzling glory. This series has led her to realize the importance gems and stones in different cultures as well as the importance of ammolite in Alberta. She plans on capturing the essence of ammolite in 2018 and bring more education around the world’s rarest gemstone found only in Alberta. Brie's other priority is to bring more art, education and projects to her rural community. She wants to be able to offer more in depth programs for children in rural communities as most rural schools don't have a surplus of funding for arts programs. She feels it is a duty as a mother and an artist to use her skills to help build that community and be a role model. Whole heartedly Brie takes an artistic approach to Gandhi's inspiration quote, 'Be the change you wish to see in the World.' Brie also believes a person should be the change they wish to see in themselves. With little to no formal art education she challenges herself in various mediums to capture the essence of each subject matter, with animals and portraits being high on the list of skills of what she loves to paint, and of course gemstones. Find more information on Brie Craner and her art at: Brie Craner Art – Facebook Briecranerart – Instagram

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