Brian Ferguson

Its great to be " back on the brushes" after a half year's hiatus. During that time, I managed to rediscover the pure enjoyment of creativity, after many years of some pretty serious impressionistic landscapes of rural Alberta. This particular body of work speaks to my need for inventiveness and imagination during my painting sessions. Abstraction using mainly watercolour allowed me to further understand the medium, which led me to believe that it is far more flexible and fun than I had expected. To ensure spontaneity, I used a pouring method combined with brush and watercolour marker techniques. When pouring, control can be a bit tricky but the end result can be nicely balanced given careful colour and composition decisions. It also helped to 'take chances' in order to explore and discover new directions for myself as an artist.

I'll be at Iron Horse Park for ArtWalk 2016. My sign reads  Please drop in!

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."    Thomas Merton

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