Brandy Balazs

Hello! My name is Brandy, I enoy all kinds of drawing and painting and travelling. My style is eclectic. I can't seem to pinpoint a focus. I tend to let the image or the content drive how I draw or paint, somethings  just are meant to be drawn in ink or painted in acrylic or pastel, sometimes even marker!

I love discovering life and color in everything. I have been an experienced pencil portrait artist for many years until the constant attention to detail made me a little bonkers. To spice things up I like to paint bold coloured landscapes and cute baby animals.

I am currently enrolled in the U of A Visual Art Extension program. My day job is working as a Mechanical Designer in the Pipeline Industry (Yes! I write many many emails). I also enjoy volunteering my time to help people, because I care about people. I also tend to identify myself as a farm girl from Saskatchewan but don't let that fool you. I'm quite well rounded!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enoy my work!

Find Brandy on the 83 Ave street closure south of McIntyre Park

Instagram: @brandy_balazs Facebook: brandy.bee.31

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