Atya Khan

I grew up in a small village in southern Punjab, Pakistan and started making paintings in my early childhood. I'm a self-taught artist, and my work is influenced by my studies in literature and history. I do semi-abstract artwork in oil and acrylic mediums. I am fascinated by human thought process and geo political realities of our time, but I do hear the echoes of our ancient past, which mesmerises me.I am deeply enchanted by the Indus valley civilisation which existed  8000-2500 BC and was the most modern civilization of its time. As an Artist I take it like a divine responsibility to draw world's attention towards this ancient sprit of creation. I consider it a shared treasure that can give new insight to social and cultural development of mankind over time. A part of my art work represents these thoughts in different colors and shows their interactions.

My work is in evolutionary stage. I feel I can expand my work to include more topics, ideas and horizons along with new techniques. I am expecting more variety in my work in future. I am new to Edmonton and this my first Art Walk.I will be located at 104 st. between 82 ave. and 83 Ave.

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