Ashley Thimot


Ashley Thimot was born and raised in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. She received her Bachelor of Design from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and moved west immediately afterward. She currently lives in Edmonton with her husband, daughter, and many pets.

Ashley has been painting portraits since she was in her teens and has always found them to be a rewarding challenge and gets a sense of satisfaction when the likeness has been achieved. When not working on commissions she finds herself illustrating portraits of her favorite people or of people that bring her a sense of nostalgia. Ashley works in oil, gouache, pen and has started to get a feel for digital illustration.


I love painting portraits. I love the challenge of achieving the likeness in the piece to the person(s) I’m painting. It’s beyond rewarding when I can look back at a finished piece and know I’ve captured the subject well and satisfies my competitive nature.

I find myself choosing portraits and scenes from iconic and nostalgic pop culture. Representing glimpses of what was trendy at a time, what made me, or my peers laugh, what I remember as a tidbit of happiness from growing up or even present day. My portraits have an illustrative characteristic to them when painted in gouache or drawn in ink. When I work in oil, I let the viewer’s eyes finish blending the colours I apply rather than smoothing everything out myself. My ongoing challenge, as an artist, is to stay focused. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to be committed to one specific area or genre of art where I dive in and explore a topic. Part of me longs for this discipline but part of me just wants to create everything.

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