April St. Laurent


April St. Laurent is primarily a visual artist that mainly does representational art in multiple mediums. She lives in central Alberta on an acreage outside of Onoway. Being home schooled, as well as a self-taught artist, April has been learning to paint and draw from the age of 13 and since then has had her art displayed at a local museum and has gone to a few art shows. April's works, being comprised of different mediums (acrylic, watercolour, graphite, ink, charcoal, and chalk pastels), first often depicted of animals, silhouettes, portraits, and scenic landscapes and is now developing into fantasy-inspired art as well as pictures romanticizing the times of old. Her style is varied per medium.


I wouldn't say that I have any particular philosophy when creating art that I wish to imprint on my pieces, other than that, I wish to express how I view the things I find beautiful or inspirational, and to be able to tell a story through a picture. I take notes from my environment that feed my imagination. A spark of an idea will catch and suddenly I have a mental image of the type of art I want to make and in what medium. When I get to creating the piece though, it usually turns out differently than how I first imagined, and ends up being better.

I carry as many of my mediums with me as possible when I'm out, even if it's just sketch books, never knowing when inspiration will strike and that I'll need to jot down an idea so that I don't forget it. My biggest challenge is learning new techniques as sometimes a new creation is very much an experiment, and when it doesn't turn out the way I want I have to adapt the best I can to fix the piece. I never really know what piece I'm going to make next, only what calls to me at the time.

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