Annelies Bronder

Bio Annelies Bronder


Born and raised in The Netherlands by very loving parents. My dad owned a photography shop and my mom was a designer for dish ware, bedding and other decorative items. They inspired me from a young age to do what you love and to make dreams a reality.

As of about 15 years ago, I started painting; hearts, crowns and flags are ‘my thing’. I love it when people give me ‘keepsakes’ that they don’t know what to do with and paint/create a heart with it.

My paintings always carry a message, a message of love and true identity. To know you are loved and to know who you are, are important reminders when going through life.

I hope my paintings move the viewer and inspire them, knowing they are loved.

You can find Annelies on 83 avenue between Calgary Trail and Gateway Blvd, just sound of McIntyre Park.

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