Angie Sotiropoulos

Hello! I am a multi disciplinary artist and I create drawings, paintings, small books and mixed media sculptures set in worlds where nature, mutation and fictional societies all exist. My training as an artist comes from being a Scenic Painter and Properties Artisan for theatre for the last 18 years, along with all the self taught learning, that crosses over between these two pursuits. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, science, eras gone by and all the objects we create and discard in our world. I’m drawn to telling stories so each piece will usually have a story it’s telling you or that you can infer from it’s composition. I want the work I make to be quirky, fun, and sometimes subtle so it makes you do a double take. I will be located at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods on Gateway Boulevard. Stop by and say hello!

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Instagram: @mittengirl

Twitter: mittengirlart

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