Amy Freelend

Amy is a visual artist who has a diverse background in Fine Art and Design, Literature and Philosophy. She loves to work figuratively and with a narrative; drawing inspiration anywhere from astrology and folklore to vintage textiles and the natural world, each piece is a fusion of symbolism and aesthetic. She works from a deeply feminist viewpoint and her artistic process serves as a tool to work out personal themes and observations that arise from life as a creative woman. Once strictly a painter, she is currently favouring media such as pastel, conte and ink, supplemented with gouache and water-colour.

Amy has work in private and public collections in the Edmonton area as well as Ontario. Aside from her personal practise she has collaborated on album artwork for musicians, worked within an artist and musicians collective, and occasionally takes media or private commissions. She was also honoured to be selected the very first 'Artist of the Month' for online magazine the Edmonton Muse, and her work was published in Grant Macewan University's Confluence.

Her next showing after the Art Walk will be in late September at the Aviary in Edmonton. You can find her and keep up-to-date on events at or follow her on instagram @afreelend.illustration. She frequently posts new stories with fun insider looks at her methods, inspiration and works in progress, and loves to interact with followers. (And is extremely excited to unveil a collaboration with a beloved Edmonton band later this year, so please stay tuned)!

Facebook: amyfreelendartist

Find Amy near Adaptabilities on Whyte Ave between 101/102 St.

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