Ameena Kadri

Ameena is an artist in more than one way, Painter by night, mermaid by day. She walks on land and swims with fins under the sea Being a part of her world is better, everyone will agree! Ameena spends her days indulging in art, Which suits her well given she is a Disney princess at heart. Leader, courageous and kind is she, Singing, dancing and swimming through life with glee. In Ameena's spare time she does not come up short, Playing and coaching youth soccer is her choice of sport. You'll always find her smiling from ear to ear, Ameena's glow is radiant from some you'll hear. With just one glance you'll know she's there, Just look for the girl with the purple hair!

Find Ameena in the bus lane on Calgary Trail, near Jaisel at 8133 104 St

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