Alyssa Sampson

Instagram: @artfordayyz

Facebooks: @artfordayyz

Artist’s Bio

Alyssa Sampson was born and raised in Fort St. John, British Columbia. After high school, she moved to Grande Prairie, Alberta and completed the first two-and-a-half years of her Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2015, she moved to Edmonton to complete her degree at the University of Alberta, obtaining a degree in Anthropology and French Language and Literature. Having been introduced to art by her mother as a child, she has been working on her landscape painting for over 10 years, using both acrylics and oils, and sometimes a combination of the two, to create vivid, colourful pieces.

Artist’s Statement

Growing up, we spent the majority of our weekends driving around the countryside with our parents, listening to music and exploring the area around Fort St. John. My absolute love of landscapes came about as a result of these trips, which I would spend gazing out the window and daydreaming as the world flew by. The older I got, the more I loved trying to capture these landscapes, photographing them or sometimes drawing them from memory. Combining this love with some paints, brushes, encouragement from my middle school art teacher, a dash of Bob Ross (whose techniques I shamelessly borrowed, and which still influence me now), and my ever present need to procrastinate on school projects (even as a 14-year old), resulted in a firm foundation that I have taken time to build upon, even in amongst all of my university work. Of late, I have added my penchant for bright, bold colours to the mix, and the work that you see me doing now is the inevitable result.

Frequently, I will sit down in front of my easel with my headphones in, playing music or a podcast, and just lose myself in my work, often times surprising myself with the final product. Other times, however, I go in with a plan, something inspired by some song I cannot get out of my head or a dream I had or some tv show, movie, or anime that I fell in love with. I am even known to do paintings based on old memories and the songs that I associate with them, attempting to capture the emotions, both positive and negative, that they evoke in me.

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