AlyDora Artworks

Hi! My name is Aly Ploof. I chose to use Alydora as my Buiness alias as the name is a symbolic combination of my personal nickname (Aly) as well as my family history (Dora.)

I have recently graduated with a diploma from the MacEwan Fine Arts Program and am now in the process of taking a personal break to reflect on what I've leanred and explore / figure out my artistic pleasures / path / niche. I enjoy capturing and creating the beauty, color and details of the world around me, whether that be in portraits, abstracts or other subjects. I prefer to paint and draw and would like to start experimenting with paint on glass and resin pouring. In addition I enjoy captruing the world through photography (which you can veiw on my website) and creating blog posts of my avdentures / life. To follow my journey and keep updated on current work you can follow my social links below or you can visit my website:


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