Allison McColl

Allison McNaughton is an artist and illustrator working out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. While having always loved creating, it wasn’t until 2007 when she pursued her Fine Art Diploma program at Grant MacEwan that she became serious about developing that love into something more serious. After 2 challenging and incredibly rewarding years she graduated and has been exploring her own personal interests and style ever since. Working primarily in watercolours, Allison loves their dual nature and delights in exploring the range between the wildness and unpredictable nature of the medium and the fine, controlled work that can be done on dry paper with a teeny-tiny brush. These qualities lend themselves well to the illustrative style of her animal paintings. This particular subject matter is derived from the depths of a child-like and curious corner of the human mind. The part that observes the living things that share our space, and wonders what goes on when we aren’t there to see them. Allison’s goal is to spark the viewer’s imagination and to engage their own sense of child-like wonder. She encourages the viewer to stop and look closely at the detail hidden in the smallest parts of the image and to continue looking closely when the gaze moves from the painting to the beautiful and mysterious world around us.

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