Alena Valova


Born in Europe, I came to Canada – city, Edmonton, when I was 22 years old as a refugee from a communist country (former Czechoslovakia). After several different occupations taken on to provide life necessities, I was ready to dedicate myself to a more meaningful work. My interest in art and admiration for technology led me to a profession of a graphic designer. The completion of Visual Communication Course in Grand McEwan College started my years-long career. However, in 2011 I left Canada for a new adventure, and with a freshly-gained TESOL certificate I set out to Latin America. My passion for sharing the knowledge and an admiration of a Latin culture led me to Colombia. After a year, I returned to Edmonton and my primary profession. Only a year later, my work brought me to Houston. In 2015 however, weary of constant relocating, I decided to return to my homeland, Canada and stay here permanently.

Artist Statement

Art is an instinct – a way to free myself from everyday life and escape to a world of my own thoughts and soul. I am continually trying to enhance my abilities with sincere observations and experimentation; evaluating and repeating beauty and truth, past and present; creating unrhetorical feelings and engaging the imagination, while maintaining the reality by focusing on playfulness and my inner creative spirit.

The main unifying characteristic of my latest art work is the theme “Emerging.” It depicts the awakening from ignorance into a state of knowing, brought about by understanding the subconscious aspect of my mind. In the process of discarding old pre-programming and misconceptions, I’ve gained new perspective and values: for example the weakness was replaced with strength, the fear with courage, the bond of guilt was broken by freedom, and dissolution dispersed in vitality et Using texture paste further enforces the act of emerging. The ornaments are raised from the surface of the canvas - the background is the representation of the past. It is a rustic surface, deteriorated by time. The background suggests the decay and disturbance. From this ‘ugliness’ something new and beautiful arises.

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