Alejandra Hernandez

Alejandra Hernandez is a recent graduate of the Fine Art program at MacEwan University. Alejandra originates from El Salvador, and later migrated to the city of Edmonton at a young age, where she currently resides. Alejandra dominantly specialized in ballpoint pen, and coloured pencils drawings; however, more recently she has dominantly begun to work painting with acrylic. Alejandra is currently working on experimentation with acrylic painting as she explores possibilities.

Currently, my work often follows themes of growth, adversity and perseverance. These themes are mainly inspired by aspects of my Christian faith and my life experiences — while they are also influenced by aspects from my Central American culture and memories from my childhood in El Salvador. However, some of my work also has aspects of surrealism — transitions of the banal to fantastical settings. My work often portrays plant life, as well as various colours, often vibrant inspired by my Central American culture. The portraying of plant life is a recurring motif in my work, influence by the idea of the journey plants withstand — enduring storms, wind, cold, heat — and persevering through resulting in something beautiful and fruitful as they bloom and grow.

Instagram: derp_draws21

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